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As conservationists, we must encourage and support policy makers to recognize the interrelationship between climate and nature and sustainable development © Andre Dib / WWF-Brazil

One of the most overlooked and consistently unmeasured areas is loss and waste that never leaves the farm. © Tom Vierus / WWF-UK

Aerial view of forest next to oil palm clearing in Sabah, Malaysia © Aaron Gekoski / WWF-US

An Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA) Technical Team, made up of members from the La Chorrera indigenous community and WWF-Colombia, review the data collected during an ecosystem service assessment of the forest surrounding La Chorrera, Predio Putumayo Indigenous Reserve, Department of Amazonas, Colombia. © Luis Barreto / WWF-UK

How we produce and consume food today is the biggest single cause of deforestation, land conversion, and nature loss, which in turn drive the emergence of infectious diseases like COVID-19. © Josh Withers, Unsplash

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Coral bleaching, Solomon Islands. © Shutterstock / Ethan Daniels / WWF

Acropora and porites corals at the outer Great Sea Reef in Fiji © Tom Vierus / WWF-US

Mbiwo Constantine Kusebahasa, in Kasese, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda at the Forest Landscape Restoration programme in Rukoki Sub-County. © WWF / Simon Rawles

Aerial view of an unpaved road dividing a soy (Glycine max) monoculture from the native Cerrado © Adriano Gambarini / WWF-Brazil


Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

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